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Leeds Waste Management

We provide a wide range of waste management services, including offering a unobtrusive & hygienic solution to dispose of feminine hygiene waste, an important factor for the supply of a clean and nice washroom environment.

Odour management bins
Our hygienic disposal bins have a distinctive treatment which offers extraordinary control of any bad odours.

Ensure your company is compliant with UK regulations.

Fleet for waste management
With more than 50 trucks and 4,000 dumpsters to move about, it is a full time job keeping the Big Yellow Dumpsters on the roads across Yorkshire.
Our fleet was created to carry a wide number of waste containers – from regular maxi dumpsters to bigger volume roll on/roll off trucks, right up to 8 wheel tipper trucks carrying 20 tons as well as the enormous ejectors which trail waste to landfill.

We’ve our own onsite servicing center to keep every single vehicle in top condition and, as you may anticipate, looking after this kind of huge fleet is a 24/7 occupation!

Wherever you go across Leeds, you can not go far without seeing a CanCan Recycling truck!

Neighborhood waste recycling has truly been in the waste business for more than twenty years and deals with two locales: the Materials Recycling Facility and Head Office at Leeds.

The one thing in like manner between all, is the conveyance of a proficient, temperate waste transfer and reusing option.

We give a far reaching exhibit of administrations as takes after: dumpster enlist, compactor administrations, business wheelie receptacle sets, plasterboard reusing, cardboard baler deals and renting. Our Recycling Facility forms business, modern and building waste

We give the accompanying:

*procedures to decrease landfill

*considerable value funds on waste transfer

*personal record bearing

*guileless charging approach

No shrouded charges

We want to keep an open distribution arrangement for huge numbers of our clients with no shrouded charges. We all know this creates influential long haul associations with all our business partners. By concentrating on our clients conditions, together with a transparent charging approach, we’re giving ourselves to a more reasonable client lead administration.

Our commitment to you

We’re devoted to putting our clients’ necessities first with an adaptable administration. The absence of a mechanized telephone framework works as a measure towards making the individual relationship ourselves plan to have with all our clients, both huge and little. Close record administration empowers ourselves to react to your evolving needs, and shows our devotion to you by and by.

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