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Does your business produce hazardous waste? CanCan Recycling understands how tedious and confusing managing your hazardous waste legally and safely can be. That is why we operate a low cost, reliable waste removal service that could save your company time and money.

Hazardous waste must be contained, segregated, collected, transported and disposed of in accordance with strict environmental laws and regulationswith paperwork to prove it every step of the way. It is a criminal offence for organisations to dispose of hazardous waste with ordinary waste. If your procedures do not comply with the regulations, your business could face serious repercussions such as fines or even closure. CanCan Recycling can-can take care of this for you. By outsourcing your waste management to us, a competent and approved provider, you are avoiding any of these potential problems. Our reliable service provides an authorised collection and disposal that meets external demands and ‘Duty of Care’ audits. We also provide compliant legal documentation to allow you to fulfil your HSE duties.


We offer our customers a free, detailed waste survey that enables us to determine how we can suit your company’s individual needs. Whether you need to hire a dumpster or choose from the flexibility of daily, weekly or fortnightly collection, CanCan Recycling can work with your company to reduce and manage your waste effectively.


We will also supply your business with specialised hazardous waste bins completely free of charge, even including our range of sharps bins.

Not only do we pride ourselves on being a low cost waste disposal service, we at CanCan Recycling also pride ourselves on being environmentally-friendly. That’s why our service is zero-landfill.


If you would like to enquire about your free waste audit or free bins, please contact us or call us on 0113 347 1670. We also offer free, one hour quotes – no obligation. To receive your quote, call us today and see if you could save up to 30%.

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